We strive to keep our services as affordable as possible so that every client can have their recordings etc. made.


All prices are excluding 21% BTW. On the bill, the BTW will be specified.


Recording a whole band:

  • €120 for 4 hours  (half a day)
  • €200 for 8 hours  (1 full day)
  • €375 for 16 hours (2 days)


  • €145 for 2 hours recording, 2 hours mixing and 1 hour mastering


We use the target price of € 25 per hour for mixing musical pieces. We can always give a good estimate of how long we are about to mix a piece. That will be different for a singer / songwriter than for a metal piece. 


  • 1 song - € 30 per song
  • 2 songs - € 25 per song
  • 5+ songs - € 20 per song



We use a target price of € 30 per hour for all different post-production assignments. In consultation with the client, we can estimate in advance how long we will be working on an assignment. This goes for; Foley, ADR, Synchronization, voice-overs and sound editing.

Hire the whole studio

There is also a possibility to rent the studio for a day with the control room included if you have your own band which you want to record. For 1 day (9 hours in a row) we charge € 140.