On this page, you can find some of the many projects that we have done. This ranges from recording music to foley sounds, ADR, sound design etc. to put under the footage.


Recorded and mixed

This group of artists has been recorded and mixed by us. The song is "Panama" and belongs to the band: "Yes miss no miss" from Haarlem.

Examples of sound under footage

An example where we have recorded all of the sounds under the footage ourselves. We did this with Foley artists, voice actors and ourselves.


This song was mastered by us. The song is called: "L'étranger" and is composed by the artist: "Prospero" from Haarlem. 

Voice over student

An example of a voiceover for a study assignment. This is what the student has spoken in and is how she wanted it. This product is not intended for commercial purposes. Music: Ausencia by Roberto Grela


Rock: Recorded and mixed

A rock track which was recorded and mixed at Studio de Werkplaats. It is from the artist "No Leads" and the song is called "Special kind of snowflake".